Becoming a Christian

Becoming a Christian is not a case of signing off on a list of dogmas; it is a personal commitment to God through Jesus Christ, which God will honour with a total and irrevocable personal commitment to you.

This commitment is something which, although simple, you must do personally and sincerely. When you are ready to make this commitment you might pray this prayer:

Lord Jesus Christ, I humbly acknowledge that I have sinned, sometimes unwittingly, often deliberately.

I understand that my own sins have separated me from you, and there is nothing I can do to wipe out my own sins.

I now firmly believe that you have taken the punishment I deserved, when you were crucified. I also understand that you offer to forgive my sins, if I sincerely determine to turn away from them, and ask you to forgive me.

I want to do this. Lord Jesus, I am turning away from my past sins, please forgive me for them, save me and be my Lord from now on.

If you do decide to make this commitment, we very strongly recommend that you get in touch with a local group of people who have made similar commitments - you will need their support, friendship and experience for the lifetime journey ahead, and they will need yours also!

There are huge numbers of such groups worldwide (generally, but not always, churches). The godzone, and churches.netsites list a number of them. Ask God to show you which one you should go to.