Russell Seagar

Russell SeagarRussell and his wife Michelle have been attending St Albans for over 20 years. Russell has always loved working with children and when he was unable to work in 1995 due to health issues, he felt prompted to attend the Bible College of NZ, Manawatu Branch. He completed the Ministry Internship Programme (MI Dip) in children's ministry. 

Late in 2003, St Albans was seeking a half-time Children’s Pastor and Russell was appointed in January 2004.  

Raised in Lower Hutt, Russell joined the army after he left school and during his time there completed a building apprenticeship alongside military duties. After Russell left the Army he worked as a carpenter both in Lower Hutt. and Palmerston North.

Russell and Michelle married in 1991 and raised their four beautiful children: Natalie, Nathan, Stephen and Matthew, alongside occasional foster children.

Russell has enjoyed teaching gymnastics as a hobby since he was 16 years old and now runs his 'Flipp-It' gymnastics business alongside his church work. Other hobbies include breeding cats (Siamese and Balinese), gardening, pottering with a Morris Minor, watching a good movie and doing up their home which is a never ending hobby!