Why Bother?

Why bother with life? Why bother with anything at all?

Questions of personal meaning and significance trouble us all at some time in our lives. These are aggravated by many issues that face us in these times. Redundancy, job pressures, lack of discretionary time, shortage of money, marriage breakup, moral decline, increasing crime and violence in society, are symptoms of the pressured times we live in.

What possible relevance to these issues is a collection of 2,000-year-old myths about a 'god'? Most religions seem to suggest that we try to live on a higher plane than these real-life issues, which is not much help to us in our personal struggles. Other popular therapies seem to present us merely with psychological coping techniques - not much better, because they are only as strong as the person trying to cope.

But what if God actually does exist - and is interested in us? The problems wouldn't disappear (a god who behaves like the Aladdin's genie belongs in fairyland, not in the real world) but if God exists and is interested in us, our whole perspective on these pressing issues and on life itself would be radically altered. Everything would appear in a new perspective. There would be a purpose and meaning to life.

Why don't you test the hypothesis that God exists?

Don't simply dismiss the issue with some throw-away line - it's too important; give it a good thorough investigation.

We believe these are serious questions deserving serious investigation. You could use an online Bible browser, starting with some of the references suggested above, to make your own evaluation.

You might also check the Logos Research Systems'TMtopical search facility.

Christianity - Commonly Asked Questions

The Bible is the definitive text, but many people have done an excellent job of explaining its basic claims, and the relevance of these claims for us today. One such explanation is that of Melody Covington, which we recommend to you.

Why don't you see what's involved in becoming a Christian?